Sometimes one just wants a phone to ring to get a little attention. The easiest and cheapest approach I’ve found so far is simply utilizing my FritzBox, which runs as a PBX for the house anyways. In combination with the python tool/library FemtoSIP over on GitHub, things just work out of the box!


  • FemtoSIP will not play any audio or anything else, it just triggers a ringing
  • When using a local router, which uses the main phone line, if the line drops, coms are down
    • Requires a UPS on the FritzBox and reliability on the DSL line or whatever (I still need a backup backup, using a different SIP provider)


Easy, quick and simple!

import femtosip

user = "**username**"
password = "**password**"
gateway = "**fritzbox IP**"
port = 5060
display_name = "emgcaller"
call = "+49xxx_target_number"
delay = 30

sip = femtosip.SIP(user, password, gateway, port, display_name), delay)